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SoCo Tango Classes

At our Practica (every first and third Thursday) we offer an all-levels 45 minute lesson, from 7:00pm to 7:45.

We strive to provide material that a beginner can understand, and also teach technique that more experienced dancers can benefit from.

We encourage those with more experience to join in the lessons to help out the newer dancers and improve their own technique.

Focusing on fundamentals, technique and connection, rather than teaching patterns and figures, our classes progress. Sometimes much of the same lesson is repeated again at the next dance to reinforce the concepts, add technique, give corrections and feedback, or add a layer of musicality.

Our main focus is teaching close embrace (Milongero style). Our premise is that when close embrace technique is skillful, the other forms of the embrace (open and salon) will be more effectively executed.

In this way leaders will learn not to over lead and followers will learn the art of deciphering the subtle lead. Learning close embrace tango also prepares dancers for the many Milongas where this style of dancing is predominant.

To learn more about our classes contact: Dyana Foldvary